1.3. Release Notes 2.1.1

this is a bug-fix release

1.3.1. Improvements and new features

  • added API endpoint GET|POST /v2/ui/net/:id/actions/cache/clear. This call immediately clears all internal caches in the server
  • NaNs behave as very small numbers while sorting results of NagQL and Grafana queries
  • NET-1908: change server behavior when it starts with expired license; now it loads all devices from the config but most of the functions are stopped. The server can be used as an “archive” to present old maps and data.
  • NET-1902: To improve performance of NsgQL queries, we have introduced short- and long duration cache. Parameters for the long duration cache can be set in the configuration file; short duration cache is invalidated at the end of each cycle
  • NET-1927: assign VlanId and VlanName tags to interfaces using information about vlans taken from the ports these interfaces are connected to (the “far end” of the attached link) even if the devices are unmanaged or do not report vlan configuration

1.3.2. Bugs fixed in this version

  • numerous updates and fixes in the documentation pages
  • NSGDB-146: set device id and component index in non-fan-out alerts
  • NSGDB-148: ability to order by metric values and aggregated metric values; bugfixes and tests for the old Grafana plugin
  • NET-1926 refresh long term NsgQL cache at the end of discovery and when configuration is reloaded
  • use ImplicitTagGenerator to set NSG device tags when we create NSG device when secondary server or monitor connects
  • convert NULL (missing data) to Observation.NaN in results of NsgQL queries that request “metric” in SELECT part
  • NsgQL: queries that request monitoring variable values in SELECT by name should return the value as a number rather than a string. This affects both NsgQL queries and Grafana datasource plugin v1.x
  • fixed bug that caused duplicates in the response to query “SELECT VlanId FROM devices WHERE … “
  • protect against NPE that may happen if we could not discover the address of a vserver