1.8. Release Notes 2.0.1

NetSpyGlass v2.0.1

1.8.1. Improvements and New Features

  • now we host NetSpyGlass documentation on a separate website with url http://docs.netspyglass.com/. Link in the UI has been changed to point there.
  • fix rpm spec file to accommodate git branch names that include “-“
  • multiple updates in the documentation
  • fix path to NetSpyGlass logo in the default report template
  • UI layout update: move main navigation to the vertical bar on the left
  • Upgraded Jython to 2.1.7b3
  • Added self-monitoring variable tsDbTimeSinceLastSave. This variable measures time that passed since last successful TSDB save operation (in seconds).
  • Made tsdb connectors for Graphite and Influxdb report errors in the system events panel in the UI
  • Support for InfluxDb 8 has been deprecated and removed
  • Made connector for InfluxDb try to reconnect on every polling cycle (before, it tried to connect once at the server start-up and if this attempt failed, it gave up and never tried again)
  • UI controls for system events and link to the documentation now “float” and remain visible when user reduces browser window width
  • We have reduced minimal window width in the UI to 1280 pixels to improve usability on laptops
  • errors and exceptions that happen during building views are added to the system events and also open UI popup notifications
  • the server writes log related to the network discovery process to the log file “discovery.log”
  • to speed up network discovery for the installations with lots of APC PDU devices, the server is not going to try to walk ifXTable MIB table on these devices
  • self-monitoring alerts for variables tsdbErrorsRate and GCTimeRate that caused UI popup notification have been removed
  • instead of variable tsdbErrorsRate, variable tsdbErrors now appears in the Graphing Workbench (this variable tracks the count of tsdb errors during latest polling cycle).
  • Added Python function dbscan() that uses DBSCAN algorithm to find outliers in the time series data. See nw2functions.dbscan() and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DBSCAN
  • NSGDB-94: Using SNMP OID “ENTITY-SENSOR-MIB:entPhySensorOperStatus” to monitor operational status of PSU and fans on devices running Cumulus Linux
  • NSGDB-102 turn on auto scaling and automatic prefix for variables DropsRateQueue

1.8.2. Bug fixes