1.10. Release Notes 1.6.3

NetSpyGlass v1.6.3

Beginning with v1.6.3, NetSpyGlass requires Java 8

1.10.1. Improvements, Important Changes and New Features

  • this release includes minor fixes and refactoring in both the backend and frontend code
  • improved algorithm used to load devices from the configuration file in the case when a device was first discovered as an unknown BGP4 peer and later added to the config with the same IP address.
  • NET-1434: variable builder Python hook script has been simplified; various functions are now class members to make it easier to reuse them in the derived classes; boolean class variable make_interface_packet_counter_vars can be used to turn on generation of the monitoring variables that collect network interface packet counets. See How to override the defaults.
  • NET-1433: improved discovery of network topology via LLDP for devices where local system Id does not match MAC address of any interface (e.g. F10)
  • NetSpyGlass server forwards some system error messages to the UI via UI pop-up notifications. At this time these are limited to the severe SQL database errors, such as connection loss, database running in read-only mode or insufficient user priviliges.

1.10.2. Bug fixes

  • fixed a bug that caused loss of synchronization of the monitoring variable sets in a monitor and other servers when some variable disappeared after network discovery. Because of this bug, compute and UI servers kept trying to subscribe to a variable that did not exist in the monitor anymore
  • NET-1436: fixed discovery of LAG interface group for Dell PowerConnect switches.