1.34. Release Notes 0.98.4

1.34.1. New Features in this release

  • this version introduces display of device-related monitoring variables in map. Now the map page has two legend boxes, one for interface-related variables (e.g. interface utilization, errors etc) and the other for device related variables, such as cpu utilization, memory utilization and so on. The actual set of variables in each legend box depends on the set of devices in the map. Variables that do not have any data for the devices shown in the map are suppressed. Just like interface variables, device variables can have thresholds and device icons in maps are colored accordingly when the value of the corresponding variable goes over threshold. Thresholds for all variables are defined in the block network.monitor.display.thresholds of configuration file nw2.conf
  • this version introduces mechanism that allows administrator to add tags to devices using information extracted from interface descriptions. Code in the Python hook tag_selector has access to the network topology graph that can be used to find device on the opposite side of an interface. Code that adds tags to interfaces can use this to add tags to devices on both sides of the link as well. See section Tags in the documentation.
  • this version adds support for discovery of 32bit AS numbers. User can control 32bit ASN display format using configuration parameter network.display.asn that can have values asplain or asdot. The default is asplain. This changes format used to display AS numbes in discvoery reports, all of the UI and BGP4Peer tags.

1.34.2. Packaging

  • beginning with this version, we now ship both tar archive and rpm package of NetSpyGlass.

1.34.3. Bugs fixed in this release

  • ability to use MySQL as UI database backend has been restored
  • a bug that caused discovery process to get “stuck” and take very long time if ping to some of the devices timed out has been fixed.
  • a bug that caused main cycle routine in the data processor to abort and not process any incoming monitoring data anymore has been fixed. This bug was triggered when the application could now open directory /proc/self/fd which it does to monitor its own opened file descriptors