1.42. Release Notes 0.971

this is a minor bug-fix release.

1.42.1. Notable Bugs fixed in this release

  • this version provides a workaround for the bug sometimes that causes graphs of time series to come out “jagged”. This happens when algorithms that compresses time series before graphing compresses them “too much”, leaving just a few data points. While we are working on refining the algorithm, the user can choose between two compression methods using confgiuration parameter network.monitor.display.graphs.compression. This parameter can have two values:

    network.monitor.display.graphs.compression = RDP


    network.monitor.display.graphs.compression = chunker

    “RDP” stands for Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm. This algorithm can compress the time series in a such way that the graph plotted using compressed data looks exactly the same as the one plotted using original data set.

    “chunker” algorithm splits original time series, making a set of “chunks” and returns reduced list of data points where each element represents minimum and maximum value in each chunk. The graph plotted using this algorithm can look slightly “compressed” but still shows extreme values of the original time series.

    Currently “chunker” is the default.

    If either algorithm seems to produce incorrect graphs, we recommend to try the other algorithm and report the problem to info@happygears.net