1.2. Release Notes 2.0.3

NetSpyGlass v2.0.3

1.2.1. Improvements and New Features

  • when we redirect to /v2 urls, send redirect to a url without schema and host. This should help make redirect work more reliably when user accesses server via proxy

1.2.2. Bug fixes

  • restored parameter “thumbnail=true” that can be passed to the /v2/embed_graph url (this makes the server generate embedded graph in a “thumbnail” form when title bar and graph legend are suppressed)
  • fix a bug that made secondary servers (e.g. compute and alert) not collect self-monitoring variables after cluster restart
  • fixed a bug that caused self-monitoring variable tsdbTimeSinceLastSave appear to have huge value
  • fixed bug NSGDB-106 “Embedded graph created from “build by rule” GW graph retains some filter parameters even after the filter has been cleared”
  • fixed bug NSGDB-108 “axis labels are cut off when the graph displays very large numbers”
  • fixed bug that broke maps after discovery failure (maps should be copied from the last successful discovery generation, but because of this bug maps that include device clusters were not copied properly)