1.5. Release Notes 2.0.0

NetSpyGlass v2.0.0

1.5.1. Improvements, Important Changes and New Features

  • combine system events that have the same level and timestamps within 1sec of each other in the system events display panel in the UI
  • http client used by NetSpyGlass to communicate with other NetSpyGlass servers or outside web APIs now support cookies.
  • added self-monitoring variable webServerSessions that tracks currently opened sessions in the embedded web server
  • few obsolete parameters have been removed from the prototype nw2.conf file
  • Added API call /v2/ui/net/:id/actions/tsdb/reconnect that makes server close its connection to tsdb and then re-open it again with the same parameters. This can be used when tsdb configuration parameters defined in the nw2.conf configuration file change, or when connection to tsdb gets “stuck” for some reason. This is currently implemented only for hbase and InfluxDb.

1.5.2. Bug fixes