1.7. Release Notes 1.6.2

NetSpyGlass v1.6.2

1.7.1. Improvements, Important Changes and New Features

  • beginning with this version, NetSpyGlass UI automatically redirects to the UI v2. At this time, this behavior is controlled by the configuration parameter ui.v2redirect with default value true (redirect is on). Add this parameter to your nw2.conf file with value false to turn this off if you wish to continue to use UIv1. This parameter will be removed and redirect will become permanent when we release NetSpyGlass v2.0
  • Added panel “Events”. System log records are shown here, these include notifications of major events that affect server operation, as well as Python and configuration syntax errors.
  • Added support for transceiver lanes for Juniper QFX and Cisco Nexus devices
  • Added functions log() and log10() to Python module nw2functions
  • Converting values of monitoring variables rxLaserPowerWatts and txLaserPowerWatts to dBm. These variables monitor receive and transmit power of optical transceivers on Arista devices, where the power is returned in milliwatts. This change makes standard Python script nw2rules.py calculate the value of the optical power in dBm and add corresponding instances to variables rxLaserPowerDbm and txLaserPowerDbm
  • Heads Up Display in the UI shows message when NetSpyGlass license expiration date is less than 1 month away or the license has already expired.
  • the “phone home” function reports licensee name

1.7.2. Bug fixes

  • (hopefully) fixed a bug where device clusters created via Python hook script sometimes would not appear in network maps, requiring server restart
  • fixed a bug where NetSpyGlass server running with role “monitor” and the UI server did not agree on the set of the variables the monitor was supposed to push to the server. Before the fix, this situation was resolved during periodic subscribtion “sweep” that ran every half an hour. New algorithm used to synchronize subscription lists updates these lists on every cycle to avoid this problem.