1.20. Release Notes 1.1.0

NetSpyGlass v1.1.0

1.20.1. New features

  • this version introduces support for cluster deployment. See Cluster configuration

  • this version implements integration with HipChat and Jira as notification streams for alerts. See Notifications

  • added new standard monitoring variables :

    • lastContactTime : time stamp, in ms, when we have received data from the device last time
    • timeSinceLastContact : time, in sec, since we have received data from the device

Both variables track all devices, including NetSpyGlass monitors and servers. Variable timeSinceLastContact can be used to build alert that fires when a monitor or secondary server goes offline. Example:

  input=filter_by_tags(import_var('timeSinceLastContact'), ['Role.NetSpyGlassServer']),
  condition=lambda mvar, x: x > 60,
  description='Time since last contact with NetSpyGlass server or monitor is > 1min',

Note that even though the role name is “Role.NetSpyGlassServer”, devices created to represent both servers and monitors have this tag. Alternatively, you can match tag Vendor.HappyGears.

1.20.2. Changes

  • beginning with this version, configuration parameter rpc.port has become optional. This parameter can now accept string value “dynamic” or numeric value that corresponds to an unused port for the RPC server to listen on. If supplied value is word “dynamic”, which is now the default, the server will pick random unused local port. RPC port is communicated to other cluster members via zookeeper.