1.21. Release Notes 1.0.6

NetSpyGlass v1.0.6

1.21.1. New features

  • Beginning with this release, NetSpyGlass adds support for string monitoring variables: these variables have string values. By default one variable of this type is created, named ifAlias. This variable is used to monitor interface descriptions. Default rule processing script nw2rules.py copies the value from this variable to the description field of other interface-related variables. This means interface descriptions in the UI will be updated when operator updates them on the device. The delay is 2 polling cycles. String variables can be stored in hbase and InfluxDb but not RRDB and Graphite.
  • Copy interface description into description field of objects that represent optical transceiver transmit and receive power. This way, description appears in the Graphing Workbench, device details panel and legend of graphs.
  • Because of the way corresponding OID is defined in IEEE8023-LAG-MIB, variable dot3adAggPortActorOperState has changed its type and now holds string values. Default Python script nw2rules.py converts it to the numeric variable dot3adAggPortActorOperStateBits. New variable dot3adAggPortActorOperStateBits appears in the GW instead of the old one.

1.21.2. Bug fixes

  • fixed JSON API call GET /api/monitor/networks/:netid/vars?ruleSpec
  • NSGDB-19 fan_out=False alerts return confusing data for “value” in JSON
  • NSGDB-17 Expose details={} in JSON API for alerts
  • NSGDB-15 Allow configuration (with $macros) of description field in PagerDuty stream