1.28. Release Notes 1.0.0rc1

NetSpyGlass v1.0 Release Candidate 1

1.28.1. Improvements in the Server

  • reduced amount of logging at debug level 0
  • variable builder script takes into account information about MIBs supported by the device that we collect during discovery. This resolves issue with NetSpyGlass trying to monitor OID dot3adAggPortActorOperState on Arista switches even though Arista does not support IEEE8023-LAG-MIB
  • tag “Aggregator.*” is now added to both aggregation ports (LAG members) and corresponding aggregator interface. With this tag you can set tag filter in GW and jump between variables dot3adAggPortActorOperState, portAggregatorBandwidth and all interface vars and see relevant interfaces without changing the filter. Note that this tag points back to the same interface it belongs to.

1.28.2. Improvements in the Monitor

  • dot3adAggPortActorOperState OIDs are now always sent to the device in single oid queries instead of batch queries. This was done in an attempt to help alleviate effects of the bug in JunOS that caused routers to stop responding properly to SNMP queries for the OID dot3adAggPortActorOperState. After some experiments, we have identified a “fix” for the problem: single query for this OID or a batch query where this OID is the first in the batch caused the router to fix itself and start responding to the subsequent queries correctly.

1.28.3. Improvements in the Python library of functions used to process monitoring data

  • we have added function percentile() that calculates N-th percentile of the monitoring data using observations stored in the memory buffer. This can be used to calculate 95-th percentile of interface utilization over the time interval for which we have data in memory.

1.28.4. Bugs fixed in this release

  • NET-940 change in the value of the configuration parameter snmpQueryMaxOids does not trigger monitor reconfiguration
  • database export and import scripts have been fixed to make them work with large instances (~1000 devices with lots of intrfaces)
  • fixed bug that prevented UI from showing data graphs for the 30day time interval
  • fixed bug that affected algorithm that sets link thickness in maps depending on the interface speed