1.44. Release Notes 0.963

1.44.1. New features and improvements in this release

  • the program will now correctly handle “home” directory name with dots.

  • eliminated duplicate links between clusters in hierarchical view maps

  • When NetSpyGlass UI backend is started with parameter –monitor to make it start and manage Monitor process, it watches it and restarts it if it dies. Two metrics were added to the UI backend /api/metrics/metrics API call:

    • MonitorManager.monitorRestarts : total number of monitor restarts
    • MonitorManager.monitorRestartsDuringRecent5min : number of monitor restarts during most recent 5 min period
  • Improvements in Nagios integration: Nagios plugin can poll internal metrics exposed by both UI backend and monitor servers via “/api/metrics” JSON API call. These metrics are used for self-monitoring and provide insight into many aspects of both applications. The plugin can also monitor healthcheck API call on both servers. Documentation and examples have been updated. Script used to generate list of hosts for Nagios now adds host object for NetSpyGlass and host group “netspyglass-server”. Example configuration file netspyglass_services.cfg defines several services for monitoring of NetSpyGlass UI backend and monitor.

1.44.2. Notable Bugs fixed in this release

  • Fixed bug that caused problem with links in views with option “adjacent_devices” turned on. When hierarchical view was confgiured with “adjacent_devices” option turned on, an adjacent device connected to two or more members of the view appeared connected only to one of them.