1.47. Release Notes 0.96

1.47.1. New features and improvements in this release

  • Simulated switches and hosts are not clickable in maps
  • tag filter is working in the tab “Port Aggregation” in device details page
  • User can display interface speed on maps as link labels
  • This version comes with Nagios plugin (file nagios/check_netspyglass.py). See documentation file nagios.md for the instructions how to use the plugin to integrate NetSpyGlass with Nagios
  • UI frontend checks version of the backend and warns the user when it detects that backend has been upgraded. User has an option to reload the UI or get reminder to do it later.
  • Implemented discovery and monitoring of COS (Class of Service) variables for Juniper devices. Currently NetSpyGlass can discover forwarding classes, match them to queues and monitor tail and RED drops on interfaces that have queues configured. This information appears in maps, in device details panel (tab “Class of Service”) and in the Graphing Workbench.

1.47.2. Bugs fixed in this release

  • fixed discovery of interface bundles via LLDP ext3 MIB for JunOS 12.3R6.6
  • stability improvements: fixes in the concurrent access to the time series data in the data processor