2.3. How to install license fileΒΆ

You should have received license file from Happy Gears support, the license is stored as enrypted text in the file with the name netspyglass.license. To install this file, simply copy it to the directory etc inside of the server’s home directory. If you use rpm or deb package to install NetSpyGlass, this directory is /opt/netspyglass/home/etc. If you installed from a tar archive, directory etc should be located in the server’s “HOME” directory (the same one where it looks for the configuration file nw2.conf, see Installation and Configuration using package in tar format).

To verify that the server has found and recognized the license, connect to the UI with your browser and click “bell” icon at the top right of the main screen, then scroll down until you see lines that looks like these:

Starting NetSpyGlass 1.6.2-development-f735f NAME=PrimaryServer ROLE=[primary, monitor] REGION=world HOST=slot.lab.happygears.net
License 1469498610385; licensed to NetSpyGlass User; 1000000 devices; generated 2016-07-25 19:03:30.385 PDT; expires in 99888 days; LICENSE_VALID

The same lines also appear in the log file info.log.