2. Installation and Configuration

2.10. Hardware Requirements

NetSpyGlass will run on Linux or Mac OS X. Any reasonably modern Linux distribution is suitable, as long as you can install Java 8 on it. We recommend Ubuntu 14.04LTS or 16.04LTS. If you run NetSpyGlass with embedded database, then the only prerequisite packages on Ubuntu are openjdk-8-jre and jsvc.

We recommend server with at least 4G of RAM.

The program keeps database, logs and reports in the directory defined by configuration parameter “HOME” (see Installation and Configuration using rpm or deb package for more details on this). We recommend that the file system where this directory is located should have at least 50G of free disk space. Fast disk is recommended.

NetSpyGlass can utilize multiple CPU cores, so running on a machine with 4 or more cores improves performance.

NetSpyGlass can store data in embedded database or in external MySQL and hbase databases. If you plan to run NetSpyGlass with external databases, you need to install and configure them separately; they are not part of NetSpyGlass package.

2.11. Distribution Packages

NetSpyGlass is distributed in rpm/deb packages. You can download them here: http://www.happygears.net/downloads.html

NetSpyGlass process runs under unpriviliged account “nw2”; it does not need to run as root.